How to turn a online conversation into asking them if they wanna hang out?

I'm feeling Pretty lonely and bored today. My good friend is no where to been seen, otherwise I chill with him. He seems to always Put me in a better mood whether I'm sad, angry, lonely.

There are some aquitances and relatives I would like to hang out with and see what their uP too. But I just don't wanna show uP randomly incase of whatever reason. I'm also kinda unsure and anxious about what to say to them and how to turn a online conversation into me asking them if they wanna do something or if I could come over for a visit. Any suggestions?


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  • Hey want to hang out?

    • just right outta the blue the first time I message them on FB

    • well if it's family just say hey long time no talk. we should catch up. if it's a friend say something similar. if it's a guy you like make him want you.

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