Something that can keep her entertained?

Well its prom and everyone knows that the big thing about prom is of coarse the party after prom (or just as we call it after prom, I know clever eh). Now, I really like this and I've been crazy about her for the longest time. She's not my prom date but she will be at after prom. I'm just wondering what could be some activities that could keep her entertained; I'm not trying to sound like a player but I want activities that will us into expressing our feelings for each other (trying to keep it PG).

Right now, I'm just thinking that I'll ask her to play a few games of beer pong with me (not with beer since she doesn't like it), then later maybe have some shots, maybe progress into body shots. After I could ask her to go for a walk, I've some wine and we could share a bottle while looking at the stars (I don't care if it sounds corny haha!).

Is that good? I feel I need more for to keep her interested, she has a short attention spand and I want her to pay the most attention to what we are doing than anything else. So, any other games or ideas before the get to the "corny walk" haha? I want to remember this night for a while, so ideas that will make an impact!

Any answer is greatly appreciated! Thanks:)


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  • That sounds so sweet! gosh, I wish the guys that are trying to get my attention are like that! then they would keep my attention!

    Okay sooo, I don't know if you should do this one, it's just an idea. this guys that likes me used it on me and later I realized that he was playing me I was pissed...but anyways.he was skateboarding and I was talking about how I need to learn that for my resume. and the he said that he could teach me. and so he had me get on the skateboard, and hold his and hand for balance.and told me he would catch me when I started to sway. and then taught me to stop by stepping on the ''tail' I only got mad because I was just played by my ex who I had just gotten over. but he didn't know that.

    it depends is she a hard party-er or is she not really into that?

    • I'm not quite sure what she's into to be honest! She's more of a follower and she'll follow her friends around and sometimes wonder off and talk to some random people but then she'll go back to her friends. I think she likes to party, but when she's drunk and everyone likes to party when there drunk.

      And I don't skateboard:P Maybe skip rocks or something haha! Any other ideas?

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  • No what you re planning is so bad, she will leave you this way, what about dancing with her at your prom party?

    • Wouldn't that be weird dancing with someone who isn't your date? I have my date (one of my friends) and she has her date (one of her friends). I can't ask to dance with her, right?

      And why is it so bad haha? What would you do instead? At the party per say because doing something at the actual prom could be really risky and wrong (she's not my date).

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  • Dare , spin the bottle , 7 min in heaven