Had a great date, and he texted me right after saying he had a great time, but hasn't texted since?


So I went on a date with this guy yesterday. It was supposed to last two hours but we ended up walking around for 5 hours. We had a lot in common and really enjoy each others company. About an hour after our date he texted me telling me he had a great time, and that he hopes I get home safely. I texted him back an hour after that, and since then I've heard nothing,

Am I getting my hopes up for nothing? And is there a time limit that men feel they must wait?

Thank you!


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  • Don't get your hopes up too soon. The ball is now in his court since you were the last person who texted him. If he really has any interest in meeting up with you again because the two of you had a great date as you have mentiond in your question then he will be the one contacting you and pursuing you.


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  • Don't overthink it, he might not want to be annoying, there are a lot of reasons he might not have texted back. As far as the time limit, it varies from guy to guy. Also, don't be scared to text him first if you want to talk to him! I know for me, and a lot of other guys I think, we don't like being the ones who have to text first all the time. It makes us feel like you are only responding because we texted you and you don't really want to talk. texting us first makes us know you want to talk to us also. If you don't hear from him for another day or two, text him something like: "Hey! :) Was just thinking about our date the other night! I hope I can see you again soon!" I know getting that text from a girl would make my day! Might make his too! Bottom line though, don't think no reply means he doesn't like you, if you both had a good time I'm sure there is some other reason.


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  • wait a few more days, some guys take a while. I know it is nerve wracking.

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