First Date idea?

Ok, well I met this girl... what, you thought I was going to tell you a story, psssh. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you girls out there would be interested in this idea. Dinner, because we gotta talk and get to know each other a little bit better, and instead of the cliche movie, bowling. Sound good to you ladies?


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  • Do it in a casual way.

    like the first date shouldn't be all that formal.

    like something simple and fun so you two cna communicate.

    maybe bowling then a movie and coffee?


    like bowling is fun and you cna "help" her if you catch my drift.

    at the movie you can cuddle it it works,

    and coffee just to talk about what a great time you both had and yeah...

  • Very nice way to begin a question :)

    Where you decide to take her to dinner makes a big difference. If you take her to a nice, fancy restaurant, she'd probably be wearing something to fit. That same outfit would not be ideal for bowling.

    I'd actually prefer to go bowling first. Have fun and joke around. Work up an appetite then go for dinner. That way, there really isn't much forced small talk, assuming you bonded while bowling. You could even talk about things that happened and tease each other over screw ups.

  • that actually sounds fun...but where to dinner and would you pay?


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