I've been asked out on a date by two guys that are friends with each other?

I've been asked out on a date by these 2 guys who happen to be friends with each other but I haven't yet replied them back. Truth be told, I'd like to hang out with them both, I hardly know anything about either one of them and would like to give the two a try. Neither one of them knows they've been hitting on me. Should I tell -X- I've been asked out by -Y- and vice versa? I feel like that's the right thing to do. What do you guys think?


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  • You're instincts are right. Tell them. You may even find that one of them may not like the whole idea which could help make your choice a lot easier. The last thing you want to do is come between a friendship or come off as underhanded and sneaky. Telling them now saves you the task of having to tell them later. So much more fun when your conscious is clear.

    Have fun and Happy Dating!

  • I wouldn't say anything to anyone of them. IF they are good friend you are going to cause the rift between them. or they are going to stop pursuing you out of respect for each other. I've been in your situation and they are so close close to each other like that. although I am not dating anyone of them I still wouldn't say anything to the other guy. peace of mind and no trouble for me or them.

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