If a guy doesn't respond to texts or calls..?

Does that mean he lost interest? Like it's been over a week since he's texted me back? I had my best friend text him on her phone saying it was me because I ran out of text messages for this month. Still no response. Would it be best to move on?


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  • Are you two dating? Really, if it's been over a week he probably just isn't into you and yes you should move on.

    • Nope. We're not. No for the most part I'm over him. I don't deserve to be treated this way. So I'm gonna try to find someone who is worth my time.

    • Don't even try to find a guy. If it's going to happen it will. Just enjoy life and the people in it.

    • Haha. True. Well, I meant someday. Not now. Just gonna enjoy being single and flirting around for awhile.

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  • If you really do like him, confront him and ask what's up. Use something other than text messaging though, because txting can create problems like a) some people just don't txt well, or b) he could just be outta txts just like you are. There are a million scenarios that you could be stuck with, and the easiest way to figure it out is to talk to him.

    Also, try not to over txt. Some guys like it and some guys don't.

    • I sorta have before. He just ignores me or changes the subject. Truthfully, he's not worth my time. I just wanted someone's point of view. But yeah. I'll just confront him again and see what's up.

    • Yeah, if he ain't into it, then don't bother tryin to drag something out. Sounds like you're close to over it anyway so might as well just lay it on the table

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  • Move on. Don't make excuses, believe me if he wanted to text back he would have. Move on to the next guy. Don't ask him what's up or anything like that.