Should I keep on messaging him?

There's this guy who told me that he likes me, and I like him too, though he doesn't know. When he told me this around 3 months ago, I was caught in surprise that I didn't say much. And now, I'm not sure if I should let him know or even just keep on talking to him because I *think* he might not feel the same way anymore. We've chatted like 3 times and he only initiated once. For some reason, whenever I message him, it's always the bad time because he has stuff to do, though he still entertains me and chats for a while. Should I still try to message him? Or would that just annoy him and make me look too eager/desperate/possessive? or.. just wait for him to message me? Could it be possible that his feelings changed so fast?


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  • The *always having something to do* part kinda sounds like an excuse, but he could just have a lotta sh*t to do. I would try talking to him again and asking him to do something outside of messaging him and see if he has an excuse. If he does and doesn't have a resolution (Ex: Damn, I can't Friday how about Saturday) then he probably isn't interest anymore


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