How do I tell a guy I want him to spend more time with me?

my guy has a full time job and he works till from 7am to 11pm. whenever he comes back from work, he is tired and I never even get a text from him. how do I let him know that I want him to make an effort to spend time with me or at least call me when he gets back from work or something. like I understand he has to work and all that but a call or text doesn't take too much from someone right? I'm thinking of texting him something like "so I guess you're too busy for me now" or something along those lines?


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  • Do not text him that. He won't know where you are coming from (because you clearly haven't mention how you feel previously). He will immediately go on the defensive.

    If you want the situation resolved, pull him aside one evening and mention that you feel like you barely see him while he is pulling such long hours. Tell him that you so appreciate what he does and tell him that he is amazing, then mention that you just want to know what is going on in his day and that you have been missing him a bit. Try texting him first, telling him that you love him and hope everything is going well.

    If he doesn't respond...mention that it would mean a lot to you if he did.

    Also...who on earth works 7 a.m. - 11p.m. ?

    • haha I know he works too much. he's all about making money -_-

  • No! Definitely don't text him that. It sounds too clingy and agressive. I think you should just have a talk with him. I've been through the same thing. Just tell him that he's a priority in your life and sometimes it feels like you're not in his life. You could even say that you understand that he has to work but even just a simple text or a call would make you feel really good.