I know I shouldn't, but I'm going to hope that he isn't a jerk.

Just when I get my life together and stop worrying about this guy BAM, my ex turns up. He texted me last night as soon as he got back from a trip to Mexico. we have been broken up for months and around 2 months ago I told him to delete my number because we continually make stupid mistakes and I get hurt. He didn't care enough to make things OK so we could be friends, so I told him to never talk to me again. Last night he texted me out of the blue wanting to hang out. I didn't get the text till later so by the time I responded he had already left the bar he was at. He was clearly there just hoping I would come. Saturday night I am going to a concert for a band that he introduced me to. I thought he would still be out of the country so I got tickets. He saw where I had said I was going on Facebook and now he is going. He said that he would really like to see me there. I'm really confused. He broke up with me and since then he has contacted me roughly every 2 weeks (seemingly just to keep in touch)... I will forget what an ass he is and miss him then we will end up sleeping together and the cycle repeats. this willl happen around every 2 months. I don't know why he does this but I guess I'm equally to blame for having feelings for him. Is there any hope for this situation? what should I do when I see him Saturday? How should I treat him/ the situation? why does he continually come back?


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  • I say keep your distance if you wanna be his friend with benfit because it honestly sounds like he doesn't want a commitment.


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