GUYS: why would you text a girl first\double text if she hasn't responded, but not keep the convo going?

Guys: Why would you text a girl first, (and even double text her if she doesn't respond) but then not seem to ask other question in the convo? This guy texts me "hey" or "yo what's up?" a lot...and we'll talk awhile but after he initiates contact I usually end up asking pretty much all the question...its like he can't figure out what to say or he not into me?


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  • LOL

    Step 1) Say "yowassumgirl?"

    Step 2) In the case she responds, say something relevant witty and smart

    I guess he's not thought it through beyond Step 1

  • If I was dating a girl like that I'd leave her. It sux that they want to show some interest by saying hi and want you to do all the talking and they don't even make an effort to put in their part in the conversation.


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