How should a guy leave the girl wondering what he will do next? As in how should a guy be unpredictable?

I know about being yourself is important and what not. But I know girls just can't resist a guy that she can't predict what he's going to do next.


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  • By having a life of your own. If you have friends, a job, school, hobbies, whatever else that you genuinely love to do and won't drop for anyone, then you seem interesting because you aren't always available... you are busy and in demand which is good because she can't have you whenever she wants you.

  • you can do it in a playful way without altering who you are, don't always be available is a typical yet effective one, when girls wait for something even as simple as a text back it makes us over think then the second you give the answer we want, we get a little more excited when it come to you lol

    maybe you should play a little bit of the waiting game. the only time this game gets "unfun" is when you never give a little. so in other words, "the dog has to work and do all the tricks, and then they get the treat" but the dog ALways gets the treat, "when" however is up to you...your unpredictable ha ha ;) best of luck!

    • So just the little things can make a guy seems unpredictable?

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