What are your relationship red flags?

Women: When it comes to dating a new man what are some red flags?

Men: When it comes to dating a new woman what are some red flags?


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  • I find that guys who try to be showy and impress I won't even thinnk about twice. just be yourself. if there's something there then its there. I'm not impressed by money or objects or how many "muscles" or how much of a player he thinks he is lol If a guy wants to spend a lot of time at the gym or won't eat regular food that is weird. not my type personally, especially because I love food and cooking. there's always a place to be healthy and fit but not to much.

    the second would be clinginess...having his ask how I know someone where I'm going or why he wasn't invited everywhere would freak me out...especially if I know if he would hate that(I wouldn't do that though) especially if it's early on.

    other then those I'm not sure there's many red flags for me :D


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  • for me :

    girls with lots of “guy friends” are a huge red flag.. I also want to avoid girls with either too many friends (attention whores) and girls with low quality friends…(the kind that would invite her to go party every day, don’t have jobs, etc)

    • im not being confrontational. just curious. I have a lot of guy friends (have never slept with any and wouldn't if that's what your impying by to many guys) also having a lot of friends does NOT mean attention whore. It means social and I feel that's a good thing. now there IS a difference and I should hope those types are easy to spot. I make a lot of friends but not by doing anything to be loud or showy most the time I'm just sitting and someone approaches me about my hair or something :D

    • @ieatcows

      i'm not saying that making friends with opposite gender is a bad thing nor I'm pointing at you. but you know some girls are really attention seekers(not all girls) they think that making more guy friends would make her popular between her friends or she can get any guy she want by doing this,

      if you get what I'm trying to say.. I'm talking about those girls particularly who have that kinda mentality . didn't have an other intentions lol


  • If I realize she is clingy and doesn't like to do her own thing every now and then... Clingy people = no time doin your own thing. I think it's healthy for both of the people in a relationship to do their own thing with friends or on their own every now and then... Also, another red flag is constantly checking up on what I'm doing..

  • If she has a penis, friend zone her


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  • My pet peeve is clingy boys, and it escalated to a bit of an actual fear when I learned (in high school) that many boys who become abusive START OUT being possessive/clingy. So, that being said, my number one red flag is when a boy shows clingyness. If he texts me 5 times after I don't reply to the first one, seems obsessed with knowing where I am at all times, or calls my mom or work asking where I am, I draw the line.

    And then come the obvious red flags. Drugs, aggression, not going to school or having any ambition, etc. Although a surprising one was with my last boyfriend, he was a total screw up... didn't finish high school, had problems with his anger, did drugs and drank underage, etc. But I stayed with him (wow, I was an idiot). The point where I drew the line, however, was when he told me an injury had left him infertile. I SO want kids!

  • - If he flirts with anything with a vagina

    - If he is super forward with sex

    -If he is selfish with money/pleasure/time

    -If he is always busy

    - Gives off that playboy vibe