What to talk about with guys over text?

I'm texting this guy and our convos are usually like, what's up? How are you? What are you doing? How do I make it more interesting and my just a little flirty. by the way I'm 17.

I forgot to mention I'm also very shy and never been with a guy!


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  • ask him like this "let's go out sometime,after my 'XYZ' work is finished , what say?"

    you know ,you won't go further unless one of you ask another out for a coffee,movie or other things you both like

    good luck :)

    • thanks! :)

    • Lol. Just try it and see.he may or may not. That's your only two options. Be adventurous and take a risk. :]

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  • Start going more in depth about stuff. Ask him about personal stuff, be hinty towards stuff, ask him about families and stuff. But remember, if he isn't trying, then its best you don't either. Because interest is a two way street. You gotta show interested, and you gotta make sure he has interest too.

  • I like to talk about music, common interests in areas of studies or just something we both enjoy. If you can't think of anything, ask weird questions like "What historical figure would you fight" or "what's your final meal if you were on death row" or "who would you go gay for"

    It may seem stupid, but he's gonna respond and enjoy these texts and you gain insight into what he's like or how strange he is.

  • Eh, ditch the flirty texting. Just go straight to asking him to hang out.


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