This has bothered me for years! I had the best kiss of my life with a guy I had a huge crush on for months....

Well several kisses! He kissed me! It was amazing and very unexpected! I ran into him one night while I was out with some friends and got the courage to tell him that I liked him. He asked me why I never told him. It was because I am a little shy and never had the nerve. Anyway, in between kissing he whispered in my ear "slut"! I was really surprised because we had been hanging out dancing, laughing, then lots of kissing and then I get called a slut? I had never had that happen so I asked why he said that and he looked away and said he was just joking! so I did not know whether to like it or be offended. I just brushed it off and acted like it didn't happen to avoid embarrassment for the both of us. I gave him my number at the end of the night feeling confident that he would call. I even said "I hope you call me". So he did call me, but it was three months later and I was already seeing someone else. I talked to him on the phone for about an hour before I told him though. I did really like this guy and I have wondered if the "slut" incident prevented him from calling! I did not ask him why it took him do long to call because I did not want to come across negative. But now, I still think about it and wish I had an answer! Any insight would be appreciated! Lol!


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  • I think he liked you otherwise he wouldn't kiss you. Men tend to kiss women they that's good for you. As inappropriate as the "slut" comment was...I think he really was joking. I know if a guy did that to me, I'd just laugh it off. But I can understand why that would be of concern because what woman wants to be called a slut by a guy she likes. And God forbid that's what he thinks of you. However...I don't think he likes you enough to pursue something serious otherwise he would have contacted you sooner. Yea, waiting three months to call someone is a bad sign. I would think that he was probably involved with or chasing someone else otherwise you would have been a first priority. Three days to a week is alright because guys don't want to be seen as desperate either, but THREE MONTHS is out of the question! But I applaud you for having the sense to move on to someone else during the three months. Maybe you guys can be friends but I think the three month wait was a bit disrespectful. Since you're with someone else I don't there's anything wrong with asking why he didn't call. The only problem is it might come off as desperate. If I were you, I'd tell him (after he give you his reason)..."Well, you missed your chance and this slut has moved on!" and laugh.

    • Lol! Thanks I like that! Very helpful and what I have thought to be true! I don't know why I can not let it go! I do still think about him all the time! After all it was the best kiss of my life. I will just need to get past it. It would be great to get a guy's insight into this though! Thanks for your response!