Text flirting with a friend vs. someone you like?

If you're flirting with a friend over text and someone you like, what differences do you make? Is there a line you don't cross with friends? How far would you go with a friend in flirting? Are you ever afraid flirting with them will give them the wrong idea? Curious!

Aren't guys ever concerned that they might put themselves into a sticky situation with a girl if she took the flirting the wrong way? Unless, of course, that was the idea.


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  • If they are friends they know where they stand. Yes I talk to friends a lot differently then someone I like. As to what those differences are, mums the word. =P

    • I'm curious - why would one flirt with a friend in the first place? Boredom? Just for kicks? A lot of girls don't always know where they stand with a guy unless they are reminded of it frequently and/or have been told very firmly before. A friend can always become something more at a moment's notice, can't they?

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    • To answer you question more directly: No if I see them as a freind, they can never become anything more. Ever! I've already figured them out. They have passed through certain hurdles that lead to friendship. They've gained a certain respect and loyalty. They have not however passed the hurdles that lead to more then friends. They never really had those characteristics I was looking for int he first place. They just don't have that in them.

      As to why I do it. Again, sometimes they make advances

    • and I jokingly play around not realizing it. It's instinctive for me to joke around, but I never take it so far that they would get the impression that I want more.

  • If a girl gives you her number/a guy gives you his number, it means they MIGHT like you. If they didn't, they wouldn't have given you their number. No such thing as the opposite friends being "just friends" (anybody who thinks elsewise, is fooling themselves

    • No, sticky situations are a part of life. If one arises, you deal with them. Besides..I don't give my number to women I don't like (don't want to be friends with)

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