What makes people want to kiss?

What is it about a kiss that makes someone so attracted to a person? Why is it awkward to kiss some people, but feels right with certain others? Like, you can't stop kissing someone, it feels too good... but with others it just feels weird, almost like they were the wrong person, and that's how you figured out you don't like them as much as it seemed... right after the kiss. But once you kiss the right person, you discover that that person is for you, because the kissing felt right. I ask this because out of the three guys that I have kissed, two I could kiss and feel good about it, and with one of them it just elt awkward, even though I liked him, I would never kiss him again or feel the same about him, just as a friend.


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  • I think it matters on how you actually feel about that person like if you like them for how they act it might be better but if you only like them for looks then it might not be as good. Or maybe that one guy sucked at kissing and the other two rocked at it.


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