Would it be selfish of me to try and start dating her?

So here's the situation. I'm going to be a Junior at a local college. There's this girl I met during the spring semester of my sophomore year. She's was a visiting the school as a senior in high school. So we met at a party and hit things off right away. I like her and she likes me back. We text almost everyday and she's even come up to visit me at school a couple of times. Now here's the issue. We are not currently dating. And she's going to be a freshman at my school next year and she's going to be meeting a lot of new people. She's the kind of person that loves to have fun, go party, get drunk and to describe her in one word, I'd have to say: wild. Also she wants to have a freshman year where ahe can mess around and just have fun. So here's my question: would it be selfish of me to try and start dating her?


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  • It wouldn't be so much selfish as stupid.

    Guys should know that when a girl makes up her mind to mess around/ cheat on you, she will. Obviously this girl is a free-spirited, party girl. So why set yourself up for heartbreak? Let her show that she's ready to be in a monogamous, faithful relationship with you.

    • I've had sImilar doubts like you've stated too. I don't know if I could trust her next year at all. I hate to say that, but I've got to realize it sooner than later and save the heart ache right?

    • Like I said, she has to show that she's ready to be with you... alone. So if she shows this, then by all means follow your heart.

      Otherwise, save the heartache.

    • Thanks for your input!

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