Does my boyfriend still love & have interest in me? or is he slowly letting me go?

My boyfriend and I are really close to each other and we both love each other lots. In the beginning we were seeing each other everyday (almost - like 3-4 times per week). But he was also explaining to me that he has a very busy lifestyle as well and a family and house and friends of his own as well.

We have both met each others families and his family likes me and everyone says I'm a nice girl. his friends even say that I'm a lot better than his ex!

He's always very affectionate with me and sweet, and touching me and has his arm around me - even around his friends, family members, in public, and even while he drives! We always cuddle with each other as well and he always kisses and caresses me too.

In the beginning we were seeing each other everyday (almost - like 3-4 times per week). But he was also explaining to me that he has a very busy lifestyle as well and a family and house and friends of his own as well (which I've met).

He has a good part-time job (as a courier). Before he would start work late afternoon, but now since the spring time, he works early mornings at 8am, plus he sells electronic things off the net (for extra money - which takes time because he has to bid). I've also noticed that these days he falls asleep at like 12:30 - 1:00am...

2 weeks ago he slept over at my place and we were hugging and cuddling all night, and he brought me a gift too. Then for 9 whole days I didn't see him, but he was calling me everyday and calling me his baby and was his happy cheerful self and was telling me: "just know that I love u".

Then yesterday, he picked me up and we went to amusement park - he bought me a pass and treated me to dinner and snacks and spoiled me. He was very affectionate with me in the car too while he was driving and even right in front of his friend (who I now became friends with as well).

Today he even called me twice (on his own) and was telling me "just know that I love u" and was calling me his baby.

Has my boyfriend lost interest me and is trying to let me go in a nice way? or is he just plain busy?

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on average now we only see each other one or 2 times per week...
p.s - my boyfriend also noticed a bruise on my leg and was wondering how I got it and when my phone buzzed he was curious to know who it was...


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  • Don't assume he's drifting apart. He sounds like he cares, but of course he's gonna try and see you every day at the start. Most guys are like this. Have to work extra hard at the start to keep a girl interested cause you girls seem to have ridiculous expectations and then when things are more settled he relaxes down and starts trying to make sure other things in his life are fine too. He's probably just busy. But if it does bother you, talk to him about it.


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  • IMO, some combination of A, B, and E. But it's quite unusual for those things to stop a guy from having sex with his willing girlfriend. I'm busy too, but certainly find time for sex with my girl!

    IMO, you really need to talk to him about it and see what he says, and maybe you can reassure some of his fears. But at some point, if things don't change, it's going to grow to be a big enough problem for you that it will undermine the whole relationship. Talk to him first, and if you don't like his answers, and he's not willing to budge, then you REALLY need to consider the future of this relationship, because IMO, there isn't one.

    • if there's no sex, then there's no relationship?

    • Not exactly, but close. If one person makes the other feel unwanted or undesired, then there is no relationship. If both of you had no interest in sex, or the closeness that it brings, you could have a relationship just fine without sex. But that's not the case here (which just means you're a normal human), so not having it makes you feel rejected. And the relationship won't tolerate you feeling like that for long.

  • Not sure but it sounds like he is drifting away from you and maybe wants to end things so he feels guilty, resulting in spoiling you


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  • i don't understand. I see no signs of him drifting away.

  • I meant to vote E, haha. If anything, it could be that because he got his ex pregnant and he doesn't want to use a condom. But who is SO opposed to condoms that they would rather not have sex at all?

    I don't know how long you've been together but I think it'll happen with time and some communication! I know you've already told him that you want to have sex but maybe it's time to ask again.

    • were together for a year and 4 months

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