Why does my boyfriend not call me or initiate contact anymore?

We been dating for 4 months now and we had some issues in late April and he got really mad at me for something I said. Then he forgave me, but then he got mad at me for the stupid things I done that I think wasn't a big deal to me. it's not like he hasn't done things that I didn't like, but I didn't make it a big deal out of it like he does. Anyways he told me during out first fight that we can't see each other every day anymore because we might get bored of each other and it might turn out ugly which I think is true. We might be arguing all the time.

He was the first one who said he loved me and misses me; I didn't say I loved him back, but now since our first fight he doesn't say those things anymore. Now he doesn't try to plan our dates anymore since our fights. It's like he doesn't love me anymore. It's like we get lunch, go to his house and have sex and dinner, and then hang out for a bit and then go home. He recently bought a benz and so he's a bit broke. I wanted to go to the mall, but he said he can't because he's broke and he's a shopaholic so he might be tempted to buy stuff since he's materialistic. I mean our dates can be a walk in the beach or just sitting on a bench and talking like we used to. Now he's working 2 jobs now and barely has rest, but he still have Tues/weds off; sometimes he's busy taking care of his stuff.

Sometimes he plans things last minute and I don't like it. He used to ask me what I would like to do, now nothing at all! OK I understand he may be busy, but sometimes what frustrates me the most is when he tells me that he will get done with his errands by 12pm, but I waited for 2 hours and I was hungry. If he can't commit to the time, then why commit? Just because a friend says they need help on something, he helps them right away. It's not fair. I don't like it when people cannot keep their promises. When something comes up, he can't do anything about it. Like for his b-day, I had to ask him today how he wanted to plan it and he tells me that he will spend it with me tues, friends on weds, thurs/Friday with parents. And he doesn't understand why I got mad. It was because he told me so last minute and what if I didn't know we were celebrating it on Tuesday? Why can't he tell me ahead of time? All I ask is for him to tell me ahead of time. He never understands why I get mad at him for this. he just says i;m busy, I had to do this and that. But all I ask is for him to tell me. Is it that hard? If its a one time thing then fine, but its more then one time...

the things I don't have a job at the moment, so I'm pretty free, but that doesn't mean I should be sitting there waiting for him for hours and find out that he has to cancel on me... If I confront him about this, he might say, you never busy, but I am... I mean I could be doing something better then to wait for him and keep anticipating...


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  • Alot to read, to be honest I ain't gonna read the story, but based on the question ...

    Either you 2 hang along perfect ... it's just that constant contact (telephone, sms and other stuff) can be anoying ...

    I can say that if my girlfriend is trying to contact me at all time, I take it as a constant checking. And if there is no faith betwean the 2 of you, you must find someone suited to your needs.


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