He says he doesn't want to see himself in a relationship ..

But yet he texts me 24/7 always asking to meet up.. It's been about a month now (we haven't had sex, not even broken the touch barrier yet - besides hugs).. He texts me good morning and goodnight everyday.. I don't know what to think anymore cos he said he doesn't want to see himself in a relationship cos of some bad experiences. I get that part, but why continue spending so much time on me then? This conversation with him never gets too far cos he changes it without notice.. I get it may be uncomfortable for him... But I'm feeling so down thinking that all this time spent and nothing might come out of it.. Guys, any of you think you could guess what he is thinking? Or up to? Anyone has had similar experiences or feelings an could help me with this? Thanks :)


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  • Girl..I hate to pop your bubble but he's just playing with you. If he doesn't see himself in a relationship then it means two things. He doesn't see himself in a relationship AT ALL point blank or he doesn't see himself in a relationship with you. If he liked you enough, he'd want one...believe me. Also, texting DOES NOT count as genuine communication from a guy who is very much into a girl that he likes. If he really wanted you then there would be constant phone calls. Yea, he wants to meet up...but you have to be straight with him and say that you are looking for relationship and you don't think you guys should hang out anymore. That way he'll either change or leave you alone. And if he leaves you alone then that just means he was playing you...which I think is what he's doing. This is a friends (which could lead to) benefits situation. Or worse, you're stuck in the friend zone. I'd hate to see you hook up with this guy and him throw these bullsh*t "I don't want a relationship" lines at you and then one day you see him with a girlfriend. So save yourself the anguish and tell him where you stand. If he wants you, he'll go after you...if not, then there are plenty of other (and better) fish in the sea that will want a relationship with you. Plus him changing the subject when you talk about relationships is a REALLY REALLY bad sign!