Stops communicating in the middle of making a date

I was texting with this guy I've been talking to and we were making a time to meet up tonight- mid convo about discussing what to do he stops replying. It's been hours and now it's too late to go out tonight. He has other ways of contacting me besides text or call, so even if his phone died he could still reach me. He always responds and I mean always- should I be worried somethings up?


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  • That's really weird. Had you ever gone on a date with him before?

    • Nope never- he did eventually reply- he said he fell asleep. We did end up meeting that night and we've talked since a lot but it's not the same- the date went really well and I think he thought so too- he got out of the car and everything to hug me and it wasn't a light pat on the back hug either. But he's kinda pulled away in the texts. I'm definitely not going girl crazy and texting nonstop but it is obvious I'm interested. Is this what hard to get looks like?

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    • I wouldn't sweat it. If he's Facebook stalking you he's interested. Sounds like you two have talked a fair bit and had a couple of dates, so the next question is, have you kissed yet?

    • Nope on the one date- Sunday is suppose to be our next date. We haven't kissed but he did get out of this car to hug me when he dropped me off instead of just the awkward over the arm rest hug

  • Would it be your first date together? Do you guys interact one on one a lot?

    My idea is that he probably got scared and backed off. Flaked.

    • Yes it'd be the first date, we talk everyday all day even while he is at work

    • Well it's obvious that he likes you, so the only reason for him to just pass out at a chance to go out with you is because he just simple got too scared to take it further than just texting. If you like him, you could help him come out of his shell, just be patient.

    • Any other ways to help? I know he's a bit shy but also know he finds it easy to talk to me, he called me the other day and he hates talking on the phone

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