Guys, how long do you wait to contact a girl that you're "talking" to?

-You've been talking for about a month and a half.

-You initiated talking the first week and talked a bunch.

then for about a month it was equal in who contacted who first. sometimes would go like every other day without speaking.

-this past week you don't initiate any conversations. the girl will text you, you respond 2-3 times then stop replying. she waits like 48 hours before texting again. you reply 2-3 times then stop. this keeps repeating the rest of the week.

my roommate is freaking out because she's afraid the guy isn't interested in her anymore. she plans on not texting him for a whole week to see if he'll contact her.

(also, they've been on 2 dates. he asked her out for the first one and planned it and all. and then like 2 weeks later he asked when he'd be able to see her again and I think she planned the 2nd date or they did together haha. from what she told me, both seemed to go well)

so what gives?


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  • I would only wait a couple days at most, but I'd prefer to ask her out so we could talk there instead of texting. That kind of communication can get boring/routine really quick, so it's good to keep things interesting and active.

    If your roommate's been the one initiating, seems like the guys has lost interest unfortunately.. This is more likely given the fact that he didn't really plan the 2nd date.

    Since it's been a while that you asked this q, this is my best shot at answering, hopefully things turned out well for your friend!


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