What factors make a guy want to commit or settle down?

Guys, when do you think you are ready to ask your girl to marry you? In what age? What achievements should you have got before you ask a girl to marry you? And what things can you promise to provide for your girl and kids later?


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  • - Belief that life is about more than just me.

    - Belief that me + woman is the right thing to do, the universal order of things.

    - Belief that no other union of the sort is right nor will it do.

    - Belief that she is someone relatable, reliable, responsible, respectable, truthful, trustworthy, patient, sincere, selfless, humble, intelligent, committed to what she believes in, and preferably, resourceful.

    - Belief that worship life will be enhanced somehow by having her participate with me in it.

    - Belief that her and I will have our lifelong goals enhanced by having each other involved in them.

    - Belief that it is to the mutual benefit of her family and mine for us to join.

    - Belief that we are both genuinely prepared for the demands of having and properly rearing children.

    That sums up my list of criteria. And that's why I pay special attention to how well the girl can keep really simple commitments. Needless to say, I get stood up a lot, and therefore have a hard time finding someone who will meet any of my other criteria.

    Right now, I can only offer assurance that I would be determined to make something work. And that having children with her would mean a great deal to me, as I'd be a very loving father. I cannot promise the moon and stars; as I'm constantly trying to stave off bankruptcy right now.

    • How about any specific age when you want to marry your girlfriend? Will that be one of the important factors? Or for you the main thing over age issue is making sure that you are able to support and provide confromtable life for your future wife and kids?

    • I consider those things secondary, but important as well. I want a future wife who is close enough to me in age that my concerns are not alien to her. I've seen what happens when I try to woo a woman who is immature.

      The search for money is constant for me right now. And until I find it, I don't suspect too many women will be too eager to set high expectations of me. Still, the above list is critical. For jobs are evanescent.

      If she loves me not while I'm nothing; cannot when I'm rich.

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  • connection.

  • attraction

  • idk bout guys but for me, it was just growing up seeing what really matters in life, which is family... I have so much love inside me, I want to give it to a guy who deserves it, I want to have a deep connection with another person, and grow together and share good times, It sounds so cheesy but I want a partner in life, someone who I know in and out who I can share my secrects with, who I can trust and we can help each other through tough times..

    I am 20, I see myself getting married in my late 20's maybe... I want to get a good job first..

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