Guys, girls: How to date a guy?

well, If he asked you out but you took it as a joke but after knowing that he is interested in you , you decided to date him, but sadly you can't cos your parents are too cool that they don't let girls go out with guys I'm in this situation now what are you going to do if you were in my place?


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  • How old are you?

  • Prove to your parents that you're responsible enough and mature enough to date someone.

    • You don't know my parents even if I became a monkey they won't let me date him lol

    • While that's possible, I also know that the vast majority of teenagers have no idea what their parents are actually like. They only know the image they've built up in their minds over years of being told what to do.

      Typically, a child only gets to know their parents as people, once that child is in their 20's.

      Your parents are probably a lot more reasonable than you think. You just think they're unreasonable because you don't always get your own way.

      Make the effort. What could it hurt?

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