Why doesn't he tell me that I am beautiful? anybody in the same situation?

Ok so me and my guy are in a relationship but he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful but he keeps taking pics of me and laying down with me later and shows me I told him to delete it but he does not he does not stare at me but wen I look away I c from my eye side him staring and wen I look at him he freeze like for a second then he looks smwer else like he wasn't staring ,why doesn't he tell me I'm beautiful? Because I'm ugly? Or what?


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  • No your not ugly ! Lol guys aren't required to call his girl beautiful but he wouldn't date you if you were ugly and he most definitely wouldn't take pictures of you or with you if he was ashamed of you ..I'm thinking he's either nervous or inexperienced .. Maybe he's planning something..but I know it's not cause your ugly. Lol plus guys don't usually call you beautiful until your far enough in the relationship where he looks past all your flaws and just likes you for you an if he called you beautiful all the time I would think he would just want to use you :P

    • Awe that is so sweet of you thanks for making me feel better I guess you right ,

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  • Lol you're not ugly. Sounds like your guy is nervous and doesn't know how to express his feelings very well. If I'm taking pics of a girl and starring at her when she isn't looking, of course I think she's beautiful. Just give him some time...or hit him on the head with the camera to knock some sense into him haha.

  • You're probably ugly, yes.

    I think you should seriously consider plastic surgery. I would contact office as soon as possible.

  • He is not forced to call you beautiful


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