Can spark build over time?

I'v fallen for a girl after a bad abusive mistreated break up dating ex for a year and has gone back to him for 5th time now she says its over after he text her admitting he cheated on her last week. We dated/ hung out often and would text me and call if I didn't message thinking I might have been a rebound for her to lean on but we never kissed as I only would if she never mentioned her boyfriend while we were out and never happen to be so. Knowing her for just 5months now. I asked her recently if she sees us going anywhere 2 weeks ago and says she feels no spark and isn't attracted to me, mind you she had a fight with ex night before so might have been why in angry state and sick of everyone and I might have asked too early on lol, but she once said she's attracted to me and is extremely attracted to my personalty.

Should I just give it space and be friends for now and attempt later on as I know the way we would talk and hold in my arms gut feeling sense that she does like me just was still in love with ex as she said she still loves him a lot even despite all the bs over the past.

I really like this girl and know she felt chemistry just was afraid to admit. I'm in NO rush but I don't wanna give up and let some other dude sweep her off her feet to not distance myself so much. So what should I do? Hang out but not so much? call or text once a week? what?! Please help! Like someone once told me Never ever give up.


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  •'re in the friend zone. No doubt about it. And as long as you've got FZ status, you won't stand a chance. Yes, you can try to build the spark. Here's how...


    • what if her friends tell her I'm a real catch from them seeing the stuff I do for her send her flowers often, being driven successful, etc someone told me that also helps if the girlfriends start talking about me to her. Also in the begining we first started seeing each other she admitted she was attracted to me, I think I just pushed the do you see us anything else topic too much when she even said she still has feelings for her ex so she felt no spark.

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    • and do what I did before ignore her calls as she always says she needs space but calls or texts me and if ignore she calls and gets angry. I know we had spark in the beginning but I screwed up by pushing too far when I shoudl have known not too as she wasn't over him. So what you think still a chance to gain spark and out of FZ like in your article?

    • p.s. thank you for your time and help! I really do appreciate it and the article you advised. :)

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