Should I give up on this?

So There is this girl I like, a lot, and I took the advice people gave me, and told her how I felt. She told me she liked me a lot too, but she was quick to say "I love you" which makes me uneasy, but either way, she also said that she doesn't date and gave a tragic back story of why, and I looked at her profile, because she wanted me to draw her and I had to find one of her pictures to draw, then noticed that she flirts with some other guys...I'm not usually the jealous type, but I really like her. Should I give up on It and find someone else, because she's logged on and won't message me back as well, so I'm not sure what's going on...


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  • Give it a little bit more time. You are drawing her, right? She will want to see the drawing, so you will definitely see her again, and maybe then the situation will be clearer. She could also be logged on but not at the computer. Time will tell :)

    • Well I finished the drawing and she liked it, and she logged on stayed on for a bit then logged off...

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    • aww thanks for best answer!

    • no problem! :D

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