Is my guy friend trying to get with me - text convo?

we've been friends for 2 years, very platonic. we just graduated and its summer vaca now and he wanted to hang out. this is part of our convo after we established we were going to hang

him: ha ha OK. got us covered. looking to have some fun?

me: word. yea I am

him: ha ha okay, well don't wear too much, it'll get pretty hot

me: are you implying something...?lol

him: ha ha yea that its gonna be 90 degrees lol. and should I not try to imply anything? I'm up for implications if you are haha

me; ha ha ok..yea its mad hot

him: word. yea I was totally implying something

me: ha that its hot?

him: ha ha maybe


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  • He's telling you that he likes women wearing very little and also implied that he'd like to see you wear very little. That's about all there is too it. A platonic relationship between two people can still exist even when kidding about mildly sexual innuendo.


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  • um, yea he's probably trying to get with you... but it may just be a innuendo, I make innuendos with my friends all the time and I wouldn't try to get with them, it all just depends on how close of friends you are...


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  • i feel like the summer after graduation everyone is trying to do everything they didn't do during high school haha, so yea he's probs trying to get with you