Why did my guy friends c*ck-block?

So I have this guy friend, although I haven't known him long we are rather close. Enough, in fact, to share secrets and chatter mindlessly sometimes (a lot like my girlfriends lol). Anyway, I was recently over his house and a couple of his old boys were there along with two of our mutual girls. I saw one of his friends and was instantly attracted. Long story short, the night wound down without me really showing the guy as much interests as I would have had we been alone (or at least just not with our friends), although he did seem to be interested in me. Now why when I ask my guy friend for some assistance in well, hooking me up he completely stops talking to me for the entire day? Mind you he's asked me several times to hook him up and I have neither denied him nor have I complained ever. Is it too much to ask for reciprocation even once? Is it a guy thing? Or just my friend being a jerk?


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  • Maybe he's jealous or maybe he doesn't think his friend is worthy enough to date you, I have friends that are cool but are asses to girl so maybe that's a reason

  • Because guys don;t do that, ESPECIALLY if he likes you...Or if he knows that the guy that you want is a full time player but if your guy friend tells you that, you'll think he is jealous (its his friend and he knows him better than you lol). If a guy is completely not interested then he wouldn't care and hook you up instantly.

    You see, men go by the principle "ask or you don;t get" so they have to make effort (which he has made effort to talk to you but it doesn;t seem to count).. Imagine the guy that you are attracted to, talks to you a lot and you have these jokes and all that and you really really want him, but one day he asks you, who is that girl, and you say, that's one of my friends why? then he says, I think she is gorgous could you hook me up? would you?


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