GUYS: How many times can a girl initiate a date in a row?

Been dating a guy for almost one and a half month.

Last time I met this guy (date), I asked him if he wanted to see me. I asked him again last week. He was busy, but said "we'll talk later :)"

Now, my question is; how many times can a girl ask a guy if he wants to meet up, in a row?

And who's court is the ball now?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say if you've asked twice you are done, if he's interested he'll call you. There's a lot of "guy-dom" to dating that is really stupid, don't call the next day and tell her you had a great time with her is one of them. Another is act like you aren't interested for a bit then you can act interested. It's all silly nonsense but if you ask me, the ball is in his court, and three strikes and the dude is out. Find another love interest.



What Girls Said 1

  • He should be the one asking you out I really don't think he's very into you if he's not asking you out or he keeps blowing you off just forget about him and find a guy which wants to be around you.