What should I do with my relationship?

Yesterday while talking to my boyfriend on the phone he said something I didn't hear, so I asked him to repeat it, but he got really upset and said "Goddammit you don't ever f***ing hear me." I was really upset too because I didn't see a good enough reason for him to talk to me like that. And he had never done it before, so I told him to not talk to me like that, I have enough respect for him to not ever curse at him or anything like that. I still managed to stay calm and not say a thing because again, since he had never talked to me like that he could've had a bad day or something. But instead of apologizing he said "you know what? I'll talk to you later OK?" I was so annoyed that I just told him to do whatever he wanted and hung up on him.

He didn't call me back until today in the afternoon and the only thing he asked for was if I had already gotten over my anger or if I was gonna keep going yesterdays argument :c It made me feel even worse so I told him and all he talked about was how I hung up on him and how we argue because of me. Later on he told me he'd call me until tomorrow when he calls me or texts me through the day and it was barely 5pm so I got VERY upset and told him that he might as well not call me then. Why is he acting like that? He hasn't called me even though he knows I'm pissed off. If he calls me, until tomorrow what should I do?

I love him but I don't want him to think I'll be there even if he treats me like that. Or am I exaggerating?


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  • Sounds like he has a short fuse and he needs to grow up a little bit. Classic immature, temper tantrum type move there. That's something a boy would do, not something a man would do. Bear in mind that there are plenty more fish in the sea...

    • But why is he acting like that?

      I just don't get it.

      I'm sure there are plenty but should I go fish instead of try to works things out with him?

      Will he keep this attitude?

    • I'd say that if he does keep this attitude, then it's time for you to go fish. Maybe give it a few days and see if his mood improves, and let him know that you won't stand for being disrespected like that again for no reason. What's worse is that he jumped down your throat for a very silly reason and you didn't deserve that. So maybe put him on probation, see if he shapes up, and if he doesn't...you should move on.

    • I know.

      I would've appreciated if he apologized but he didn't and still hasn't called me.

      Anyway, thank you so much for reading me.

      I hope he realizes what he's doing and if he doesn't I might not go fish but I'll definitely let him go. I love him but I deserve better.

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  • First off, I would NEVER let a guy talk to me like that. I'd have hung up that minute. A bad day is not an excuse for language like that towards you. But if he calls you, just to get your little two cents in, I wouldn't answer the phone. If he calls back, then answer it. But let him panic for a little bit. If he doesn't call back, he does't care enough and yall should have a talk. But I think yall should have a talk anyway. Let him know he should never speak to you like that. You don't need that.

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