How do I get my self out there in the dating world?

I'm almost 20 now and have not had a girlfriend, nor I have I kissed a girl yet. I know I should not be ashamed of that, but whenever my brain gets in that thinking mood I just think about that situation.

the thing I need is just basic advice for the dating world?

like how to approach someone, and just the simple things I can do to get out there and possible get a girlfriend


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  • Suggest meeting up for coffee, keep it casual! :) Girls like a confident guy! Good luck!

    • Thank you, the only thing with me is I sometimes lack confidence..

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  • Just talk to girls. Don't worry about "how" or any lines or an approach. Talk to as many girls as you can - without even trying to ask them out. The point is to not be intimidated by them. Then eventually - probably fairly soon - you'll work up the nerve to ask them to coffee or something. It's not a Broadway production but I know it can feel like it needs to be.

    • i will try! thank you, the thing for me is the thing called "confidence" but yeah I just really have to push myself I guess if I really want something to happen

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