Should I just ask anyway or wait it off for a while?

So here is the problem... the guy I am CRAZY about... just spent an hour earlier today, sitting in the grass with me, and my dog, he also showed me the inside of his car (because I asked if it was roomie enough for big dogs as I am car shopping) and did tricks with my dog, all in his front yard. I met him back in April and he told me then something about a "lady friend" so today he used the name kathy when saying he took her and her friend to work today Because their car broke down. so I asked, is that "your lady friend" and he laughed and said, yes that was probably a older term, I only said it to annoy my mom. I went to coffee shop with her once and we called it a coffee date but she is just a friend, they knew each other when he lived in his town home before he moved back with his sick mom. so then she texts him during our chat, his phone goes off 3x and he ignores it but then decides to see who is texting him. "its kathy" and he reads it and puts the phone back. so then I ask, how long have you been dating her? he again tells me, we are not dating, just friends. she is 2 years older than me. (no reason for that info but he told me it like that) so here is the thing, he lives next door to me (which makes things harder at times because I feel the need to give him space/privacy) and he is quite a bit older than me, not a issue to me but no idea how he feels about it.

the thing is, after today, I felt in my heart, he likes me. I could not imagine "being just a nice neighbor" or "only liking my dogs" to be reasons to sit in the grass FOR AN HOUR in the yard with me and just talk and laugh, he even looked at some wild life pics I took on my trip. then I wonder about this kathy, the fact that they are texting still. should I be concerned about this? at his age id hope he isn't lying and if we are "just neighbors" id see no reason to lie about her.

i wanted to ask him to go to a coffee shop sometime with me or to walk the dogs with me... and most of my friends say yes but then one woman I talked to says, he sounds like he has commitment issues. she says, it might scare him to ask him out, seeing his age, he might be old fashion and not want a woman to do that. so now I'm confused. not only what to think on how he acted today but what do I do? should I just ask anyway or wait it off for a while? I am in no rush, I love being friend and getting to know him, I do. I just don't want years to go by and me still wondering.

is it normal to do stuff like he did today with someone you only think of as "a friend" or "a nice neighbor" I am really clueless, new to all this kind of stuff. so feedback is helpful. thank you


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  • It seems like he at least has an interest in you. I would take it slow. See how he acts around you the next week or so and then if you still want to ask him out, go for it. Give him a chance to ask you out first.