Feelings scare me. I'm afraid to get attached.

I'm not scared of guys. I'm friends with tons of them, and have no problem messing around. I'm not embarrassed of that aspect.

But that's what I do. Mess around. I only do with one guy at a time and stuff. But feelings scare me. I'm afraid to get attached. And if they announce feelings for me, I'm scared.

Like I don't deserve it, or won't be good enough.

I have no idea :(

But I feel like a sound like a skank too. I want to hear that they had a good time, not that they care about me.

I don't sleep around, it doesn't go that far. And I've only done this with a few guys.

So I guess I don't sound as whorish here


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  • I say people handle trust differently. There is nothing wrong with you. It's tough for me to get attached. And I would be what some what call a "man whore". I understand where you are coming from. And I know when those moments spark for that very quick time frame, it's quite nice.

    To tell you the truth, I secretly crave an amazing relationship, but no one I have met has lasted the test of time.

    When it happens, you won't know, I say. It just takes a bit of time and a bit of change. There's no hurry to rush to conclusions that you are an extreme case of ridiculousness quite yet.;)

    • Yeah I think everyone secretly does haha..

      But thanks, this made me feel a little better :)

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  • On the one hand there's nothing wrong with being what some people would label a "skank" but you're clearly wanting something more that that. Sounds like some pretty severe intimacy and/or self worth issues. Of course these can all be solved online so there's no need to worry about seeing a trained professional.

    • See the update if that would change anythjng

  • Well, these guys obviously see things about you that makes you seem worthy to be their girlfriend. Were you once with someone who made you feel worthless?

    • Yeah, not just relationship wise though

      And I guess it also makes me feel like I'm loosing part f me if I'm committed to someone?

    • Well, you do have someone else to put some focus on, but don't lose yourself in them. You can't forget about your needs and only worry about theirs.

  • So basically want to be a service to everyone because you think your worthless?

    • Kind of? But it's more like I don't feel gifriend or that sort of thing worthy.

    • Work on these issues then, I'm sure someone would treat you right.

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