Is this a good sign in a relationship?

I thought things were very good in our relationship. My boyfriend was gonna transfer to Oregon for college. Then I overheard him and his friend talking and his friend asked what happened to his ex( he was engaged to her and loved her a lot). My boyfriend said she was now living in Oregon. We had only been dating a few months but I was sad because it seemed like he was moving to try to be with her( he would talk about her a lot).

It's been a few more months and he has now decided to transfer to the same school as me. He also never talks about her, he used to always say "My ex" this or that all the time. Is this a good sign in a relationship? Or am I reading into things?


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  • It's a good sign he is over her

  • I'd say it's an improvement. He's obviously not chasing a past romance anymore. I wouldn't read any farther than that, if you're still curious, ask.