Should I keep talking to him?!

I really need help with Knowing what this one boy means...cause I am so confused on what i can do :( ( its a long story)

Okay so this boy used to go to my school I remember I used to have a small crush on this boy but now its developed into a bigger crush. So I saw him walking one time and I ran up to him and I was like "Oh HEYY.! How've you been.?" And it was just a quick conversation. But than later on he went on Facebook and we started talking but he kept on saying Damn your Hella pretty & you got a bigger booty now. & I'm serious your Hella cute now me your booty got big too. & I was like okay 0_0. so after that he said I would actually go out with you & I put why.? Cause of my booty? Really.? -_-

but he was like "noo ever.since I went to school with were somewhat attractive to me and I would say what if I went.out with her. " so I replied with an 'oh okay so I see.' But I see him almost everyday now somehow.its.crazy.& now every time I see.him my heart literally feels like its going to jump out of my body & I get all nervous. so EVERY single time I've seen him now he always gives me a hug and every time he hugs me I feel really really safe :) aha

but the thing is that it seems like he won't stand up for me or even really care. Cause we go to the same "gym" and there were these kids I know so they all come sit by me almost a whole f***in basketball team & I'm just looking away., and suddenly I see him && I'm just like " yes.! he's gonna come and get me outta here..!" But than he looked at me like saying " your here.? But why are you sitting with them.?" He kinda look hurt for a second. But than the boys saw me looking away from them and they all turned.and saw him so all he said was hey but only to them.

Than I kinda ... I'm not gonna say ran after him but I got up and started walking behind him

but he was too far already so I didn't wanna go all the way over there. So I went and looked for a new seat cause I never wanted to sit by them ever again, I didn't wanna cry but I felt sad.

But than he started walking back to the entrance and my heart started beating really loud and I got really nervous.

But he didn't even pay attention to me and I was sitting RIGHT THERE...

It really hurt to see him start walking away like that not even a bye or anything

Well I started walking out and I saw him in front of me kinda so I just said bye & he put something in his back pack looked back and gave me a hug & you don't know how safe I felt at that moment., after being with guys that had made me feel even worse bout it. But than he just turned around and left. He started walking with his brother though ( he's 1yr younger than us) & I don't think his brother really likes me cause.he.looks irritated when he sees me.

&& my sister doesn't like him either she's 20 by the way & I'm 14. &so is he. But yea my sister considers him kind of like an a**hole and. I don't know what 2do now?

Should i keep talking to him.?

What's your opinion on this.?


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  • I wouldn't trust it. As a 16 year old I would try to get the girls feelings up then crash them... Making her wonder what she did wrong, making her want to fix it. Making her feel as if she would feel like she wanted to do anything to please the guy.

    We are d***s. But I don't know about him so that's my ten cents


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