What should I do if my girlfriend hangs out with my friends more, than she does with me?

I'm together with a really nice girl whom I met on the internet. We've been in a relationship for 4 months now. As she has told me, she's never had a lot of friends (and from her side, there's only two people I'd call such) so I brought her to my own company. At first, I was happy about her, enjoying time with my friends, but lately, she's more worried about when she'll get to see them, and, during my graduation party (I'm 22, just got my Bachelor's) she just ignored me for the most part, to play video games with my guy friends in the other room. Also, she's recently started screaming at me in front of my friends for various minor annoyances, and for, basically telling her to stop doing various things which I don't like. (such as kicking my brother to wake him up, or turning the volume on the TV really high when I want to sleep.) Every time I tell her something like that, she's just yelling that I'm overreacting. I've read some advice a bit, and, yes, I know that I should be more confident about myself, and not be the classical "Nice guy" that I'm now, and I've tried that, but all I get in return for that is even more yelling, this time, for not doing everything right. Then again, I can't really be happy, if she's just ignoring me at best in the company of my friends. That, and when I wanted to watch the yesterday's Greece-Germany game, that was considered rude, although she was playing Soul Calibur again in the other room, she doesn't care about football, and me, just wanting to watch the game for fun (following the "care less" advice) was apparently a bad thing to do.

At the same time, she's telling me that she loves me and doesn't want to leave me. (Albeit, I'm starting to think that this is only because I pay for everything -_-) I'm not her first boyfriend, but I was the first one she's had sex with.

Now, I know I'm not perfect and maybe I've f***ed up something terribly, but that's why I'm asking you this. To sum it up: I've been nice to her, brought her a lot of various gifts, we've been going out to different places a lot, I really love her, and I'm trying to do everything to make her happy. Didn't work. Tried to be more careless - didn't work either. She still likes my friends better than she likes me, and I have no idea what should I do.

Thanks from Latvia.


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  • Im sorry this is happening to you. You seem like a really intelligent nice guy who doesn't deserve to be treated like you are being treated. There has to be a balance between friends and relationships. There is nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with friends on occasion but you must also pay attention to the relationship as well. I think its very possible she is using you because you are doing all these things for her. She might just be using you. Finding someone on the internet can be a bad move because there are a lot of people on there like your girlfriend is.

    If it were me I would get out of the relationship and not let her use you anymore my friend. You deserve much better and believe me you WILL find someone better than she is treating you. GL


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