He answers my texts right away but rarely initiates texting... How come?

All the signs point towards "He Likes Me" He's always teasing me, joking with me, likes to go on lunch with me at work, says cute little things to me that indicate interest. So how come he doesn't text me first? Is he just not into texting? I just feel like someone who was interested would do everything they could to get closer to their crush


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  • If this happens to me I would think that he isn't that interested.Usually I will stop being friendly with him.Does this happens every times? Did he ever text you first like at least once or twice?

    • oh yeah, he has texted me first before...more than once or twice. But most often, I think I initiated. The other day he offered to go on break with me and while on break the subject of dating kind of came up. He joked that "all girls complain" and mentioned he had been on dates where all the girls did was complain. Then he said he has to protect me from all the bad guys out there...maybe he just doesn't text a lot

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    • we work together. we have never hung out outside of work. but he always asks me to join him on break and tries to go together no matter how our shifts do/don't match up. We have good conversation, we're always laughing, he makes good eye contact, pokes me, brushed up against me, playfully teases me A LOT!

    • Sounds like he is being a bit flirty with you but still not clear what is his real intention.Try to meet up just both of you only like maybe have dinner together,watch movies etc...See how he reacts.