Girl & guys would you be thinking the same that I was if you were me?

Okay, so during this school year I made a guy friend. I don't know when he got to know this other girl that is my "friend" but he did. I don't really think of her as a friend though because it never really felt that way. On my last day, everyone said bye to me but here. She didn't even look at me which made me furious of course. But anyway, when she got to know this guy that I became friends with, (yes I did like him at some point but I got over him after 2 months), she'd always be playing around with him. Here's what she did & she claimed that she didn't like him.


- would always be playing with his hair

-touching his ass

- whenever me & him would be talking, she would come in & just interrupt & do something that she KNOWS would make him chase her

-like every day she would do something to make him chase her. Pretty annoying really, like can't you just leave him alone?

- at some point she even called him her "man" (yeah this might've been considered a joke but seriously, there would be a little bit of truth in that joke right?)

- She called him her "boyfriend"

- She put her blood on his lips (which he wiped of mad quickly, lol, but was pretty calm about.)

- she even told another guy about him

there must be more but I can't really remember the rest. I mean if you were me you'd be pretty annoyed wouldn't you? Especially if I'm trying to talk to him & you keep trying to get him to chase you.

At some point, he even told me that he tried to get her to stop what she was doing, but I didn't believe it. When he told me I told him that that was his problem, not mine because I was really annoyed at that point, (annoyed that my "friend" might've been lying to me, and the fact that I couldn't even talk to him for 2 seconds when she was around).

On the last few days of school, I didn't even get to see him (because whenever she would be leaving she'd drag him with her) which kind of got me sad a little but, whatever.

You might be wondering why I would care if I'm over him, but wouldn't you want to know if you're friend was lying to you about the whole situation of her liking him? That's my question. If you were me, wouldn't you think that she was lying the whole time?


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  • Like said, it doesn't seem like you're over him. If you're not in a relationship with him, you have no claim on him. I wouldn't be mad.

    • No, I'm over him. I know that I am because I don't feel the way I used to when I did like him. That feeling's gone. I just want to know if anyone else thinks that my friend was lying to me.

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    • Just forget it, and get off my page

    • 11? 12? final guess...

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