My ex decided he wants me back but won't tell his new girl the truth as to why he stopped seeing her, why?

Mu ex and I recently got back together. After having sex with his new girlfriend, he realized he missed me. After long talks he and I decided to take it slow, not to have sex right away and be together. He said he didn't have a spark with the new girlfriend. He would tell her face to face he didn't feel it and he still loved me. Finally after 4 days he simply told her on the phone that he just didn't have time and she needed to date other people. I don't know what to think. Please help


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  • It could be a myriad of things right?

    Perhaps he was afraid the truth would really hurt her feelings, or he felt too guilty to tell her that he was getting back with you.

    My question to you is, why does it bother you what reasons he gave her? What is it that you're feeling or thinking is the reason and does that reason make you feel uneasy about his motives with getting back with you?

    It really shouldn't matter what reasons he gave her, but I have a strong suspicion you feel like something is off. Don't sweep the feeling under the rug. In fact, ask him directly why he didn't just tell her the truth. You may not get a straight answer, but be mindful that he seems a little skiddish and indecisive. Not a recipe for long lasting relationship.

  • It seems like he basiclly used her and played you..since he did have sex with her and got it he came back to you since sex was no good with the other man.He honestly just doesn't sound like he is man enough to tell that ex the truth.