I dated this girl for a month and a half she ensured me that she was only friends with her ex and texted him

She then called me one day and told me her ex called her and said how he used her for there two year relationship and she would stop talking to him but she lied and continued behind my back. I found out and maturely told her to make a decision between me or him she said she was unsure and needed time. She says she needs to see his face to decide what she wants by the way he lives in Switzerland and is coming back in a week. I told her I would give her space and let we decide yesterday she said she missed me so as a friend I hung out with her at the mall she insisted into going into brookestone she layed down on the bed and I told her to let's go I put her shoes on and helped her up as a gentlemen would and when she got up I let go of her hands cause we were only friends right now then she kissed me and we made out she started to cry and told me she doesn't understand how she's still unsure o her feelings even tho I treat her good. I don't know what to do I want her but at this pouting I ntold her no matter what happens I'll he there for her but she'd be making a mistake for going back to her ex because he beat her and cheated and other horrible stuff. I don't know what's going to happen anyone think they know?


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  • Im not sure what will happen, she does seem very uncertain although the smart thing for her would be to stick with you. If he was abusive then that is not a good situation to get back into. If there is a way maybe you could talk to her about that and help her in her decision.

    • She said she knows she would regret not choosing me but she says she hasn't seen him in 7 months and he was the first for everything with her

    • Oh that makes a little sense, well you said he was coming in about a week it might just take seeing him for her to be sure...although this part might be hard but do you really want to be with a girl that isn't sure? just something to think about

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