Still a friend kiss or something else?

When a shy man, who really doesn't date a lot because of a recent broken heart kisses you, once on the forehead the other on the cheek. What does that mean?

The forehead kiss caught me completely off guard so I didn't have time to react. The cheek kiss was still a little shocking but I kissed him back on the cheek.

Good or bad sign? Am I still considered a friend or something else?

For those who answered already, we are friends we talk, email and text a lot. He's shy around most girls but we starting talking immediately.

Both instances occurred when no one was around. One happened in a dark parking lot. I think he's too shy to have anyone else around.

Both of us are single and I have known him for about 3-years.

He's always saying stuff about not giving out his heart to anyone ever again.


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  • I don't know how to explain to you. Let me give uy example. I have done that a couple of times and I think the girls do get confised how to react. If I see a girl who is much younger and I don't want to pass any wrong signal (because I am married), I either kiss them on the forehead, or, on the top of the head (like if she was sitting low enough). I am mot sure if there is any parallel between my sotuation and his.

  • There's not a lot of background here...but I would assume that some of this has to do with his fear of rejection. Maybe he thought you would pull away if he went straight for the lips. If you think you might have feelings for him the talk to him about it. Just stay honest and be understanding.


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