GUYS: what does it mean when you tell a girl to talk to you whenever? do you really mean it?

This guy I've known for a long time and I are pretty good friends. I'm sure he liked me for the past year or so atleast, but then in January he became totally convinced I liked another guy and after a really awkward conversation about it all I think he sorta gave up on I am now unsure if he still likes me and where he stands on that whole thing...Anyways I kept feeling like maybe I was bugging him because I know how busy he is with work and his music and everything and so I texted him something like "i don't wanna bug you but...and asked him for something, telling him about something that was going on in my family then

he said "i'm sorry :p and yah I will :)" and then I totally dropped the subject and just said "thanks"...but he texted right back (seconds later) like he was worried and had been really thinking and brought it back up and said "and you don't have to feel like that =p talk to me whenever " no other guy I know would actually keep thinking about it and not just ignore it. What do you guys think? Does he like me? Was he being sincere-did he mean it literally? Thanks in advance!


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  • Yes he likes you, yes it still bugs him that he thought you liked someone else. The only relevant question in that line of thinking is "do you like him?" and "do you like someone else instead?", which you gave no indication of either way.

    If in a conversation you can't convince him, then you are lying and are bad at it, or you have terrible communication skills. If you like him, he likes you and nobody else matters (as your question seems to suggest, because you gave no other information), then it should be a simple matter of finding the right opportunity to just flat out kiss him. If he is tentative this will catch him off guard and likely solve (relatively) the whole problem (temporarily) with the gentle application of (raging) teenage hormones.

    Yes he means text him whenever. This also means he likes you, and also isn't a jerk about it. He is being tentative. I'd likely guess because either he is shy, or you aren't very approachable about this kind of thing, or he was dead on in thinking you like another guy and more importantly not him.

    Figure our if you like this guy and just do something. There really is no complications here...

    • haha ya...both of use are from conservative homeschool families, and even though niether of our parents are nearly as conservative as most people in the group, and don't really mind guy\girl stuff like most families there, he doesn't know that. so I think he is very unsure if I'm OK with that, even like hugging and such, cause I've noticed he's totally thought about hugging me but held back, cause he was unsure if "that was overstepping my bounderies" which it's not, but I couldn't figure out ho

    • Well... it seems apparent what you should do doesn't it? make a move. if it's a mistake, then it happens. There is no reward without risk.

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