Suddenly I hear from him less

so I've been seeing this guy for like 3 weeks. known him for about 2 months. the first week or two I knew him, he'd text me whenever he was at work. then it was every night. then sometimes in the morning and every night.

after we went out for the first time, it was daily texting in the morning and then again at night, usually about the time he started work. after about a week of that it was back down to when he was working.

then about a week and a half ago it was later during his shift. we both work nights. it bugged me for a couple days and I sent him a text asking if things were OK. told him that I like being around him, and that I know he's stressed about work (we've talked about it more then once) but that if he ever gets bored or starts loosing interest id rather he just straight up tell me. he responded that everything was cool, they'd just been shorthanded and gotten an email about texting too much.

so I just saw him two nights ago. we had as fantastic time as we always do. I asked if he wanted to make plans for this week and we kinda talked about it for awhile and ended up with him spending the night at my house Monday. I almost feel like I pushed him into it, but I'm busy a lot during the days so it was either I can come to your house for a couple hours or you can spend the night with me. I told him repeatedly it was up to him.

anyways, I didn't hear from him at all last night until I text him to tell him something I knew he'd think was funny. and then it was a few texts, including him complaining that he was gonna be up all night and bored. and then nothing even though he knew I was working til 4.

haven't heard from him today at all either.

in all fairness I know he's shorthanded at work and weekend are busy. I don't wanna bug him, but I'm afraid its a sign on him loosing interest.

one of my guy friends told me its just how guys are, once they get comfortable having a girl, they slack on the communicating constintly thing.

am I overreacting?


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  • possibly, but trust your instincts, if you feel there's a problem, ask him about it, we like this about girls to, the insecurities reassure us, but don't over do it, being clingy is also a put off, so do enough for him to know your concerned, if he doesn't reassure you, then there's a problem, if he does, then there's often not one,x


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  • No that's not how guys are, My guy isn't like that. You only been seeing him for

    3 weeks, So I think you're expecting too much. What is his occupation with that

    kind of schedule, It seems to me he could be dating someone else. Did you probe

    and ask him any questions.

    • he works 3rd shift in a hospital and they're constantly short staffed and having to pick up slack from the other 2 shifts. he does have kids, and he has them all the time when he's not working. he did end up texting me on his lunch to say he was super busy tonight. he's actually pretty anti-cheating, so I can't see him dating 2 chicks at once.

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