What does it mean if a guy doesn't intiate texts or calls first?

There is this guy at work that I like and I feel that the feelings maybe mutual. He rarely intiates the text messages first it is always me that has to text first. There are times that he will call me out of the blue for a chat. There a time when I asked him if he wanted to hang out together and he apologized saying that he had a basketball game. But then after his game he rang me and said that he wanted to come over and visit me. I was already asleep that time so I said I was sorry as I would have loved for him to have come over. He was the one that asked for my number and told me to put it in his phone. There have been a couple of times at work that he will tell me to text him after we have both finished work. every time that I do text him, he will always reply to them. I am just worried that if I constantly text him he will get annoyed with me and make me sound desperate. I want to know whether this guy is interested and should I continue to do what I am doing or to change so that I don't sound needy?


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  • hmm he sounds interested. truthfully, we see it as 'texting first' but guys don't see this as a problem ( who texts who first ). if it really bothers you ask him about it?