Contacting this girl?

Bare with me here. Last year I went to a Halloween party for a club that I belonged to in college. One of the girls in the club who I know but am not really friends with invited one of her best friends. I have seen a lot of girls in my 21 years of life, but this one was different. It was as if time froze. I was an idiot and did nothing. She made me drink a jagerbomb with her, but I put up a wall foolishly and that was that.

Fast forward a year later...

I was browsing amateur music covers on YouTube. I tend to do that when I am bored. In what was kind of surreal I stumbled upon her YouTube page which featured her performing original material along with covers. Is this a second chance here to contact her? We both go to the same college, but bare in mind its one of the largest universities in the USA (45,000 students). This might be my chance. What should I do here? Should I message her? I don't want to be a internet creep.


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  • Hmmm if you're going to message her you should message her complementing her on her music and it'll start from there. DON'T ask her if she remembers you because this will put pressure on her and probably disappoint you too.


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