Guys: why do you kiss girls who you really liked them distance yourself from them?

This guy liked me very much. I know this because he would bring me food from work, he would ask me if I needed anything. He used to ask his friends to ask me if I had a boyfriend. It took me awhile to like him, so I came around and started things up again asking him if he wanted to do anything. He kept asking if I was doing anything on the weekend to go to an amusement park go swimming. Then I went to his place and watched a movie, and he kissed me and I kissed back he kissed me on the cheek to and he cuddled. The next day he was nice, second day sorta nice. Third day was cold. He just says hi now and walks by. I went up to him five days after the kiss and asked if he wanted to catch lunch and said he was 'busy with some stuff' and said sorry. I saw him today and he never approached me or said. hi.

Things are uncomfortable. I still want to pressure something. But for someone who liked me so much.. he is distancing himself from me.

I tried to grab lunch to talk.. he said no and now I feel like a love interest and a friendship is over.

Should I remove him from my bbm now

leave him a lone

or he not that into me..


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  • yeah, I'd ditch him. you shouldn't have to work that hard.

    good luck.