What on earth is going on here?

So this involves 3 guys. James, Alex and Max- they are all mates. James likes me and has asked me out on dates, and really wants us to become a couple. Today we were all invited round to his house. I like him however, I also quite like Alex and Max too. Alex has been a good mate and it was rumored that we were together for a while and today on the bus to James', Alex kept looking at me and James to see if our legs were touching or as if checking if we were holding hands kind of thing and when I joked about having a 'date' Alex pretended he had a 'date' with someone else too. Then lastly, Max...who knows that I liked him at one point and told me he liked me but he wouldn't go there because he knew james liked me and thought I liked Alex but he was not going to come round to James' but when I told him I was going he suddenly was too. After church tonight as I left, James chased after me to ask me to meet up during the week...and Alex texted me for a silly reason that he already knew the answer too. what's going on and what should I do? is it only James that really likes me?


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  • They all like you, and are too good of friends to do anything about it.

    Take your pick, the ball is in your court. Focus on the one you really like the most, stay nice to the other ones, but be firm and let them know you've made a decision. If you keep up indecisiveness you risk them fighting over you because the ball will be in their court.


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