What do guys think about girls that try really hard?

what do you guys think when girls try really hard to make you theirs? and fulling around or anything along those lines was not in the question. I liked my boyfriend for a while before we started dating and he didn't make it easy to get with him. we have been dating for a while now and we never fulled around before we stared dating or anything. I was just curious to what you men think when girls do this...?

mind games..? nah I don't play mind games. I mean, I wanted him to like me and want me. I wanted him to be mine and I worked hard at making that happen. no playing games or hard to get or anything silly like that. I just had my mind set on him. he stole my heart and became my best friend and he needed to know that.


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  • I certainly don't fault them for it. Assuming we're not to the point where she's "not taking the hint," I'll likely applaud the effort (once I clue in, that can sometimes take a while). I don't see a girl trying to win someone over as desperate, just as taking initiative.

  • Depends what you mean by try really hard. If you just mean a mind game, whatever, boring. If you're talking about crazy stalking, fun times, I get popcorn.


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