Is time really different for guys?

Is it true that for guys time goes by differently when they say they'll contact a girl?


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  • for me yeah kinda.

    i'll be doing other stuff and not really thinking about talking to anyone most of the time.

    but I don't like to keep girls waiting if I know they really want me to contact them.

    some guys just play games and wait it out to make the girl want them more.

    which I find stupid.


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  • When someone contacts me I will respond immediately if I can. Sometimes I get interrupted by something more important, and will come back to them later when I am finished with whatever I needed to do. What I notice about most girls, is that they make a mental note of the time in between messages and then will wait that amount of time almost up to the second to respond when I get back to them. To me it comes off very passive aggressive and immature lol.

    Like I will be talking with them back and forth with gaps of 2 minutes, then get interrupted with a business call, and can't talk to the girl for 30 minutes. Then when I message her back she will wait exactly 30 minutes to respond. It's retarded. I feel like I'm dealing with little kids sometimes. =P

  • No

  • this question might be kinda hard to answer accurately. l got my sense of time from my mom when she says in a few minutes it most likely means more like 20+ minutes when she says a half an hour it's more like 1-2 hours. I'm not nearly that bad because a few years ago I started breaking myself from that habit and I try to say accurate times.


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